Pricing & service

How it works

Pricing is dependent on guest numbers and we attend for up to three hours. We do not charge more for weddings or business events – our pricing is fair and transparent.

All we need is access to electricity and a space of 2x2m to set up in. Lift access is also required if on upper floors (a few small steps are okay).

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Ideal for events with guest numbers of 60+. We make more ice cream rolls and place them in tubs on a table next to our machine for guests to help themselves. Each tub contains 1 roll and allows guests to try more flavours, with less time queueing. Guests add their own whipped cream and sauce. 

Ideal for events with guest numbers below 60. We prepare our ice cream roll tubs as normal, with 4/5 rolls, whipped cream and any sauce or toppings of your guests’ choice. For large events queue time may increase but we promise it’s worth it!

What our customers say

We’ve got over 30 reviews, and each and every one is 5 star. We make every effort to provide a seamless service as well as delicious rolled ice cream.